Top Medical Benefits Of CBD

The market of CBD products is booming because of the therapeutic and medical benefits identified by modern medicine. Moreover, it must be remembered that cannabis products are still being used in traditional healing practices which began thousands of years back. In the second half of the last decade researches across the globe and multiple institutions have identified numerous uses of CBD and hence resulted in its legalisation. It is the second most abundant compound found in cannabis plant after THC and CBD’s special charm is that it is not psychotropic. This article will shed some light on some of the research-backed CBD benefits.

Preventive Medicine

It is well known that CBD imparts its benefits by enhancing the endocannabinoid system and thereby improving the immune system. Moreover, it is better than many of the synthetic drugs because of the lack of side effects. Therefore, using CBD products helps to maintain better overall health and wellness.

Lowering Risk For Obesity And Diabetes

It has been observed those who are consuming CBD on a regular basis have shown to lower the incidence of diabetes. This is because it helps in improving the metabolism and promotes the conversion of white fat cells into useful and active brown fat cells and thereby promotes weight loss. It should be kept in mind that this conversion requires energy and helps in managing obesity. Moreover, taking CBD also helps in managing hunger and thereby prevents weight gain. Therefore, consuming CBD is useful in preventing diabetes and obesity for people with a family history for these conditions.

Lowering Cholesterol Profile

In research, it was found that in communities that consumed cannabis has a lower profile LDL-C i.e., bad cholesterol and higher levels of HDL-C i.e., good cholesterol. One of the highly prevalent lifestyle diseases in western nations is arteriosclerosis results in the deposit of atherosclerotic plaques in arteries and cause inflammation. Because of CBD’s anti-inflammatory property and effect on the immune system it is useful for lowering bad cholesterol profile and prevents cardiovascular diseases.

Lowering Cancer Incidence

CBD can activate PAAR receptors that are found on the surface of the nucleus and are known to reduce cancer proliferation in human lung cells. It is also useful for patients who are undergoing chemotherapy to improve their general wellness and hence can be used as supplements. Moreover, researches have shown that it reduces the likelihood of developing colon cancer and bladder cancer. It is also useful as a topical product for preventing skin cancers.

Builds Resilience To Degeneration And Trauma

One of the major uses of cannabidiol is its regenerative qualities which help in healing which is possible in presence of potent antioxidants. Besides, CBD is also known to reduce glutamate toxicity because extra glutamate over stimulates nerve cells and cause them to fire uncontrollably resulting in cell damage. This is one of the big reasons for seizures and hence it is useful in treating epileptic seizures. Moreover, CBD’s anti-inflammatory property helps in brain healing as well as it also improves cerebral blood flow.

Maintain Bone Health

Cannabidiol is known to stimulate osteoblast formations and inhibit osteoclasts. Because of this, using CBD has shown to quicken bone healing as well as it is useful in treating bone degenerative disease due to its inhibitory property. Therefore, it is useful for maintaining strong and healthy bones.

Manage Sleep Disorders

The anti-anxiety and stress-reducing qualities of CBD are well known and one of the key reasons for many sleep disorders including insomnia is anxiety and stress. It should also be kept in mind that CBD improves the serotonin levels which is an important enzyme responsible for homeostasis and helps you to relax. Moreover, it is also effective in treating sleep apnea. Therefore, consuming cannabidiol helps to get good sleep as well as manage conditions like insomnia.

Depression And Mood Disorders

As stated above it is useful in treating clinical depression because a high dose of CBD activates serotonin receptors 5-HT. Because of this, it increases serotonin levels improving and stabilising the mood. Moreover, it has no side-effects compared to the synthetic medicines used to treat depression. Similarly, it is also useful in treating other mood disorders such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), general social anxiety and other such anxiety disorders.

Maintain Skin Health

It is a fact that CBD enhances the endocannabinoid system and the skin has high amounts of CB2 receptors that are associated with the ECS. Besides, CBD’s antioxidative property helps in eliminating free radicle formation and thereby prevents cell damage resulting in its anti-ageing property. Hence it is found to be more effective than Vitamins E and C. All these benefits along with its anti-inflammatory property make it useful in managing and treating skin flareups due to psoriasis and eczema. Therefore, using CBD lotions and creams helps to protect the skin from pollutants and maintain skin beauty.

There are many science research-backed benefits of CBD and you must consult with the physician before using it as a supplement to manage symptoms. Moreover, it must be remembered that CBD is useful in managing the symptoms but cannot cure the diseases.