The Things All Top Cannabidiol Products Must Have

Therapeutic CBD Benefits
Therapeutic CBD Benefits
Therapeutic CBD Benefits
Therapeutic CBD Benefits

Adulteration exists in the cannabidiol industry. Several full-spectrum CBD products come labeled as containing a certain amount of THC, but these actually have more THC than that. So how does an individual tell apart a genuine cannabidiol product from an illicit one? To be among the best CBD oils brands list, your cannabidiol item must have the following.


You are better off not purchasing a cannabidiol product without terpenes. These are hydrocarbons that trichomes release. Trichomes are resin glands of cannabis Sativa plants that contain all active medicinal phytocannabinoids, and that improve cannabidiol’s therapeutic scope. Terpenes give the product its strong smell and satisfying flavor.

CO2 Extraction

The genuineness of the item you are purchasing could have something to do with the form of extraction it has undergone. Some manufacturers use butane extraction for their cannabidiol oil, but the cleanest and finest oil is derived through CO2 extraction. Therefore, when shopping for a cannabidiol product, you have to consider the method of extraction the producer has used. Some manufacturers do not have this detail printed on the product packages, so you have to purchase it from those who do. The best cannabidiol brands usually have it on their product bottles.

Natural Ingredients

You would not wish to have a product with synthetic components. It is unfortunate that producers usually attempt to fast-track their manufacturing processes by means of high-yield cannabinoid extraction processes. In these processes, they utilize artificial fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides, to quicken the development of industrial hemp. However, these have a negative effect on cannabidiol’s therapeutic properties too.

Lab Test Report

This is another ‘must-have’ for every cannabidiol brand that aspires to be among the best in the business. Whatever a manufacturer claims to offer, always be sure to check whether their item has been tested by the right labs. The report that comes with the product will help to confirm whether it has any harmful contaminant, bacteria, and synthetic additive. Third-party labs usually do the tests.

The Products’ Source Plant Must Be Decarboxylated

Almost always, the pricier product will possibly have the best effects. You might be wondering why it is the case. In cannabidiol oil manufacturing, there is a process called ‘decarboxylation’ that removes cannabis sativa’s carboxyl group. Decarboxylating hemp makes it possible to activate cannabidiolic acid, which results in having more therapeutic CBD benefits.