Effect Of CBD On Your Body Weight

Effect Of CBD On Your Body Weight
Effect Of CBD On Your Body Weight
Effect Of CBD On Your Body Weight
Effect Of CBD On Your Body Weight

Cannabidiol is a popular cannabis-derived compound that is known to offer several therapeutic benefits. Abbreviated as CBD, cannabidiol can be obtained from hemp and marijuana plants. Both these plants are members of the cannabis species.

In this article, we are exploring the ways in which CBD affects our body weight.

Does CBD Promote Weight Loss?

CBD is known to improve various aspects of health including weight loss. Below shared are some of the ways in which CBD may promote weight loss.

CBD can Boost Metabolism And Reduce Food Intake

Some of the research on CBD suggests that it has the ability to reduce food intake and boost the metabolism of the user.

Animal studies have suggested that the interaction of CBD with CB1 and CB2 receptors can affect bodyweight.  Both these receptors are very crucial in metabolism and food intake.

CBD Can Promote White Fat To Brown Fat Conversion

There are two different types of fat, white fat and brown fat. White fat stores and supplies energy and insulates your organs.White fats can lead to many chronic illnesses like heart disease and diabetes, when present in large quantities.

Brown fat is the one that is capable of generating heat by burning calories in the body. Usually, people with a healthy weight will have more quanity of brown fat when compared to the obese or overweight people.  Exercising, being in cold conditions and getting adequate sleep can facilitate the conversion of white fat to brown fat.

Research has suggested that CBD can assist the process of converting white fat to brown fat.

Does CBD Cause Weight Gain?

Some of the studies on CBD have suggested that it may induce an increase in appetite in the user. In fact, appetite change is reported as one of the side effects of CBD treatment.

In a study, researchers interviewed the parents of 117 children that were undergoing CBD treatment to control epilepsy symptoms. The parents reported a decrease in epilepsy but 30% of them said that they noticed a significant increase in the appetite of their children.

The impact of CBD on appetite seems to vary and hence more research is required before we can make conclusions about the ways in which CBD influences our appetite.

From what is known from current research, CBD cannot be marketed as a weight loss/weight gain compound. Some studies support its weight loss benefits while others suggest its effectiveness as an appetite booster.