What Is The Importance Of Third Party Lab Certification Of CBD Products?

Lab Certification Of CBD
Lab Certification Of CBD
Lab Certification Of CBD
Lab Certification Of CBD

CBD products are in high demand in the market due to its wide-ranging benefits in the therapeutic, personal care, and food sector. High market demand for CBD indicates that there would be many people involved in the market by taking up roles of hemp cultivators, CBD manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers. You cannot blindly believe that everyone involved in the industry will play it fair. There can be many fraudsters attempting to make profits by selling low quality CBD.

To watch out for the involvement of fraudsters, third party lab certification of CBD products is more a necessity than an additional feature. Third-party test CBD products and give an unbiased report about its ingredient percentages that gives a rough idea about the product’s overall quality.

What Do Third Party Labs Test For?

Third party labs test for the following:

Cannabinoid Content

The milligram contents of cannabinoids in a CBD product will be generally mentioned on the label. Third party labs conduct tests to measure the exact amounts of cannabinoids in the CBD products. If the product they test is full spectrum, they test for the presence of various cannabinoids including THC. The allowable THC percentage in a CBD product is below 0.3%. Check the third party lab result to confirm that THC percentage is maintained at the acceptable level.


Hemp crops grown in soils polluted with strong chemical fertilizers and pesticides will accumulate these chemicals during their growth. CBD products sourced from contaminated hemp will be less pure, meaning that their usage could harm the health of the user. Third party labs test CBD products for the presence of pesticides and fertilizers and certify that it safe for use if the chemical percentages are fairly low and not potent enough to harm the users’ health.  When you plan to buy any CBD product, study its third party lab report to ensure that it has passed the test for pesticides and fertilizers.

Heavy Metals

Accumulation of heavy metals in our body has an adverse impact on our health. When soils polluted with heavy metals are chosen for growing hemp, the plant and derivatives will have a noticeable percentage of heavy metals. Third party labs test CBD products for the presence of metal toxins.

Third party labs also test for solvents and microbial in cannabidiol products.